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Goodnotes Ambassador



Customer Service
Asia · Europe · Hong Kong · London, UK
Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

We want to make study and work more efficient and enjoyable, by providing the best digital paper solution possible. We plan to be the go-to tool for all forms of notes.

Be a Goodnotes Brand Ambassador

Calling all students and teachers! Since 2011, Goodnotes has been reimagining the pen and paper experience. It’s been over 10 years, over 5 editions of Goodnotes, and even 1 Apple’s iPad App of the Year award in 2022. Our digital and learning ecosystem inspires anyone to take notes, share knowledge, and learn as a thriving community. At Goodnotes, we are committed to inspiring collaboration. Join us as a Goodnotes Brand Ambassador, and earn the possibility to witness the magic firsthand — a chance to visit the Goodnotes Hong Kong or London office!

Our Values:

  1. Dream big
  2. Build great things
  3. Take ownership
  4. Win like a sports team
  5. Learn and grow fast
  6. Share our passion

Who You Are:

  1. A user of Goodnotes — whether a student, educator, or a professional — who knows their way around the platform, from lasso to handwriting recognition.
  2. A note-taking aficionado your friends and colleagues turn to for productivity advice and ingenious hacks.
  3. A social media connoisseur who has mastered the art of captivating audiences, whether in the form of Instagram campaigns or blog posts.

Join the Community

As a Goodnotes Brand Ambassador, with your social networking savvy and deep understanding of your region’s likes and interests, you have the unique opportunity to craft engaging campaigns — both online and offline — that capture your audience’s hearts (and brains) the way Goodnotes has captured ours. Join us as a Goodnotes Ambassador to be immersed in the forefront of innovation as we push the boundaries of the digital learning experience together.

As a Goodnotes Brand Ambassador, you will…

  1. Represent Goodnotes with all your sophistication and flair
  2. Grow the community by encouraging app downloads
  3. Create unique and captivating content on your platform
  4. Organize IRL brand events that foster genuine connection and passion. That could be anything from study sessions to volunteering workshops to EdTech conferences.

Seize the opportunity to win a plethora of incredible and unique prizes, like:

  1. An all-expenses-paid trip to the Goodnotes office in Hong Kong or London
  2. Your own free MacBook Pro and other tech devices
  3. Educational masterclasses catered to your personal interests
  4. Your favorite Goodnotes merchandise
  5. Gift cards of your choice, cameras, concert tickets, and more!

What to do to become our ambassador:

  1. Fill out this form to apply.
  2. Please sign the agreement you will receive separately.
  3. Join our Slack channels
  4. Get ready for onboarding in September!

Want more?

If you are keen to take on more initiative and would like a chance to get closer to the Goodnotes team, apply to be one of the two Lead Ambassadors of your region! As a Lead Ambassador, you would be spearheading our program and taking charge of administrative and management responsibilities. What’s in it for the Lead Ambassadors? You get to…

  1. Work closely with our dedicated Goodnotes team
  2. Drive our decision-making processes
  3. Unlock exclusive sponsorship opportunities
  4. Engage closely with industry leaders and influencers

See our blog post to learn more!

If you would like to be considered as a Lead Ambassador (see the blog above for more details on this role), please upload the link (YouTube or Google Drive) to a 1 minute (max.) video explaining why you should be chosen as the Lead Ambassador in the 2023-2024 program. We hope to see your passion and commitment!