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Illustrator Internship - Summer 2024



Hong Kong
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

We want to make work and study more efficient and enjoyable, by providing the best digital paper solution possible. We plan to be the go-to tool for all forms of notes. Our digital paper and learning ecosystem inspires anyone to take notes, share what they know, collaborate with others, and learn as a community

Hey Future Innovators! Ready to dive into a world where dreaming big is the norm? At Goodnotes, we're all about being visionaries, strategists, and innovators. 🚀 Get ready to build great things as we work in service of our users, constantly pushing higher and aiming for greatness. Taking value taking ownership – making bold decisions, and taking action!

We win like a sports team! 🏆

At Goodnotes everyone believes in trust, collaboration, and empowerment. Looking for a place to learn and grow with fast? We're all in for that – we never stop learning and iterating. 🤝

Ready to be part of this? Join our 2024 Summer Internship Program and elevate your skills, connect with bright minds, and be a part of something big. Come and share our passion! 🌈 Share ideas, bring enthusiasm, and embrace the joy of creating something awesome together.

Internship start date:
27th May 2024 (Monday) or
17th June 2024 (Monday)

About the role:

Launch into the world of Graphic Design with an Internship at Goodnotes in our Hong Kong office! 🌎

Elevate your career with hands-on design experiences, shaping your ideas into reality. In this internship, you won't be an observer; you'll be at the heart of the design action.

We hear you; you might be asking, "What will I be working on?" You'll be joining the Marketplace team at Goodnotes, where you will collaborate with world-class branded partners to ideate a digital stationary product from concept. Showcase your illustration skills by creating unique digital goods and get involved in developing future digital products. The Marketplace is a new, young team working on cutting-edge products, offering you the opportunity to work on something foundational and revolutionary.

We're on the lookout for creative minds with a passion for Design/Illustration to join our dynamic team. Collaborate closely with seasoned designers, contribute to the design process, and immerse yourself in a team with user experience at its core.

This is the role for you, if you’re excited to work on the things listed below:

  • Join a world-class distributed team that values collaboration and innovation.
  • Contribute to the creation of highly creative and enjoyable illustrations that will be showcased to millions of users worldwide. - (Read more about our Elements Tool here)
  • Collaborate with the marketplace team to acquire prioritized Marketplace illustrations.
  • Conduct 1:1 meetings with Product and Marketing designers to gather valuable feedback.
  • Share work items consistently and early with both the Design and Marketplace teams.
  • Attend stand-ups to provide progress updates and align closely with the Marketplace team.

Application requirements:

  • Third or final-year student pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Illustration / Graphic Design or equivalent
  • Advanced or Proficient level of English
  • Passionate about digital note-taking
  • Strong visual design skills
  • Self driven and proactive

Interview process:

  • Share your application along with your portfolio/webpage and unveil the magic you've been crafting in your creative space (remember, it's your canvas—let those vibes flow! 🎨 Just keep it real 🤖).
  • Dive into a laid-back chat with our Talent Team. We wanna hear your story—your journey, what makes you tick, and why Goodnotes has your heart.
  • Connect with the hiring manager during a Role-Specific Interview—it's your time to shine!